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Who We Are

Il Cenacolo is an organization that preserves, enhances and encourages all aspects of Italian arts, language and culture and recognizes the unique contribution of Italian heritage that is intertwined in the history and life of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What We Do

Members of Il Cenacolo enjoy a banquet of benefits. These include weekly lunches, which are highlighted by brief but compelling presentations on a variety of topics, such as opera, music, painting, San Francisco and North Beach history, architecture, world affairs, and ​much, much, more!

What We Love

We love everything Italian!
We celebrate Italian history, art, food, wine, all forms of music and literature and the friendship and camaraderie that derives from our membership.
In other words, we love life.


On Sunday, September 22, 103 happy members and guests enjoyed one of the best Opera Outings in recent years. It was a perfect day. The weather was great and the venue perfectly suited the occasion. 

Our friends from The Bravo Club, the Merola Board and Leonardo da Vinci Society joined us as we enjoyed a wonderful lunch, shared camaraderie and superb entertainment from three rising opera stars: soprano Erin O’Meally, tenor Dane Suarez, and pianist Nicholas Dold. Special artist guests from the San Francisco Opera and Merola were with us as well. We had a surprise visit from Deborah Voigt, a major international star, and by all accounts, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We’ll be looking forward to the event next year. It will be on the third Sunday of September in 2020.  Mark your calendars!


NOVEMBER 2, 2019

Il Cenacolo celebrated
90 years
as the premier

Italian Cultural Club
in San Francisco
at our Christmas Gala

December 7, 2018
at the St. Francis Yacht Club. 



-Ron Derenzi, Committee Chairman

President David T. Giannini, Supervisor Catherine Stefani, and Consul General of Italy Lorenzo Ortona holding the Certificate of Honor for Il Cenacolo issued by the San Francisco Board of Superviors.

Professor Giacomo's
"La Cultura Italiana"

Our very own Dr. James Boitano delivers a well-researched,
well-written and provocative article each month about all things Italian: famous and infamous Italians, unique places and traditions,  and any aspect of Italian culture, modern and historical, that captures his attention. 


Latest article: 
Sidney Sonnino

Past Articles:
La Cultura Italiana

Il Cenacolo Logo

"Itala Gente Dalle Molte Vite"

Our club motto, “itala gente dalle molte vite,” is translated literally as “Italian people of the many lives,” or, more poetically, “Many-lived Italian people.”

It is open to different interpretations. It might refer to the ability of Italians collectively to engage in rebirth, revival and reinvention, after prolonged periods of abject decline, as in Rinascimento (cultural renaissance), Risorgimento (political resurgence), the postwar “Boom degli Anni Sessanta” (1960s “economic miracle” ).

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"You may have the universe, let Italy remain mine" (Giuseppe Verdi in his opera, “Attila”)

"That sentiment pretty much sums up the attitude of the members of Il Cenacolo -- even if they are Irish,” said Stephanie Salter in the San Francisco Chronicle back in 2003, with words that still ring true.

"Tastes, trends and affinity groups have come and gone in San Francisco, but for over 90 years Il Cenacolo has stayed the course with minimal change. The club exists today for precisely the same reasons it was founded in 1928 ….so that its members can learn about and support art, music, language and culture -- particularly of the Italian persuasion.  

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Q. When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

A. When I was very young, I was at a birthday party.

     My mom was going around the table asking,
     "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

     Kids were saying; "An astronaut." "A fireman."
     "A policeman."

     I said, "An Italian."

Christopher Herb Caen (son of Herb Caen) in SF Chronicle 2009.

Photo By Fred Lyon 


Il Cenacolo always welcomes new members, both men and women. To learn more about becoming a member, click the Information button.