APRIL 2020


My Dear Cenacolisti:

My, how this new lexicon has changed our world and our lives!  Here in California we have all been ordered to “shelter in place” which for our Cultural Club means that our precious Thursday Luncheons have been “suspended until further notice.”  In fact, the SFIAC, our usual meeting place,  has also closed down “until further notice.”  Nevertheless, I believe that our camaraderie and mutual purpose will endure through this plague.


The Board of Directors, ever adapting to the times, is of one mind that a way for us to endure and survive is through the use of the Zoom video-conferencing app. Many of you may already be familiar with it, but for those who are not, you should know that it allows for a large number of people to attend meetings online from their very own computers! In a way, this global catastrophe might be a kind of boon for Il Cenacolo in that, although we must forego the excellent fare at the SFIAC at this time, members who have been hindered by travel can now participate in the Thursday meetings, enjoying the presentations as well as socializing with fellow Cenacolisti!

Our Vice-president David Cobb has been busy doing test runs and has arranged for us to conduct our first ever Virtual Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, April 9. (As usual, if there are members who would like to attend, please contact David Cobb.) On April 16, we will have our first ever Open Session on Zoom, and David Cobb will be on hand to get everyone up to speed. Thereafter, we will have live presenters on Thursdays, as usual! (See following pages for more information).

So, to get back into the swing of things, I hope you will embrace the future and join us for our first two Zoom presenters on April 23 and 30. First, Leo Pierini, with a brave and stellar career in Law Enforcement, and second, a long-time favorite, Lisa Pieraccini, who will deepen, again, our knowledge of Etruscan culture.


With great sadness I must relay that Mimi Kugushev, wife of former Board Member Alex Kugushev, passed away this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

San Francisco Italian Athletic Club

Unfortunately, in the wave of economic shutdowns, SFIAC has found it impossible to make  payroll. So they had to make the heartbreaking decision to lay off all 34 of their employees, including our dear server Maria, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to help them, the SFIAC management has set up an SFIAC COVID-19 Giving Campaign (see info on following pages).

Here is an excerpt from the letter from Nick Figone:

Hi David,

I hope you are healthy and doing well considering the circumstances…As you can imagine, the business is suffering greatly and I had to lay off all 34 employees due to the shutdown, including Maria…The future is bleak for large event business which is why the fundraiser is so important for the team…

Thank you for your support,

Nick Figone

Cenacolisti might consider donating tax-deductible amounts equal to what we would be spending on our weekly Thursday luncheons ($40 each). That would go a long way to support those who have supported the Club so caringly.  donate here


With time on our hands inside the house, what better activity than to rediscover our Italian roots in the kitchen?! We are launching a new column in the bulletin to share favorite recipes called, “La Cucina Cenacolista,” spearheaded by 2019 Man of the Year, Chuck Stagliano. Clearly, the premier recipe is not just a meal….it is love!

So, send in your favorite recipes of love here, with a story to go along if you like, and we would be delighted to share them with your fellow Cenacolisti in “La Cucina Cenacolista”!


In regard to upcoming events, in an abundance of caution, we are taking it one week at a time. So, as the proposed dates come up, we will be canceling or postponing them “until further notice.” So, stay tuned.

Trusting that all of you are continuing to shelter in place and being safe, affectionately, DTG