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The autumnal colors are all out in their splendor—I am writing you now from Tahoe—it is a good time to be up here in the Sierra-Nevadas where we have crisp, clear weather and thin crowds!

Thanks to our Treasurer and former President Ron Derenzi for an interesting slate of October Thursday speakers. Looking forward to the offerings of Board Member Don Zingale which promise to be another feast of erudition! Do attend these noon repasts at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club—good food, plenty of wine, interesting speakers and memorable camaraderie with fellow Cenacolisti and their guests. Please make the effort also to invite your friends to dine with us and become acquainted with our Italian Cultural Club and what we have to offer. Our web site is a great segue into what we are all about. Note that with Thanksgiving and the Holidays, we will only have a total of six Il Cenacolo Thursday Luncheons during November and December.

Speaking about November and December, we have three of our favorite festivities coming up:

• Our annual Italian “Dinner & a Film (see following page): “Put Grandma in the Freezer” on the evening of Saturday Nov 2nd at the Marin Civic Center. Call our vice-President David Cobb (707) 888-2311: only a few tickets left!

• Our annual Christmas Gala set for Sunday, December 15th at the Saint Francis Yacht Club. This year we will be honoring our former President and Board Member Chuck Stagliano for all that he has contributed to our Cultural Club and Community. As in the past, this will prove to be a memorable and enjoyable banquet in a festive setting. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate Chuck and our Holiday Season with your significant friends and relatives.

Finally, reminding you to also plan to take your spouses, significant others and friends to our special Thursday, December 19th luncheon at the SFIAC—during which the Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers will be entertaining us as they have in the past, a special prelude to the holidays, and a perfect introduction to the Il Cenacolo gang! (See page 8).

Signing off and wishing all of you a Buon Giorno del Reingraziamento,



Welcome Cenacolisti to Autumn—our “best and most comfortable” season of the year. Lots to do and plenty of events to enjoy, such as….our San Francisco Opera Season together with our Symphony, of course! Add to this the annual Columbus Day celebrations with the Italian Heritage Parade through Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach, formal balls, etc., not to mention Fleet Week and the Blue Angels!  Most of us can only manage to see and participate in a few of the events.

Opera Outing: Writing this blog the day after our 67th Annual Sal Reina Opera Outing at the Marin Art & Garden Center—the “very best in memory” many of us attending agreed—they just keep getting better! (For those of you who were unable to attend—make sure that you sign up early next year!) The capacity 103 guests enjoyed the superb location, food and wine and the entertainment by soprano Erin O’Meally, tenor Dane Suarez and pianist Nicholas Dold was indeed memorable. The hour of singing and dancing during the four-hour occasion kept all of us spellbound and wishing that it would not end. All of this thanks to the leadership of our former president Chuck Stagliano, whose long service to Il Cenacolo we will be honoring with this year’s Man of the Year Award at our Gala on December 15 at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Please come to celebrate Chuck!

September Opera Month: Of course, September has been our traditional Opera Month and thanks to Gene Lanzone for presenting a slate of Thursday speakers addressing the 2019-2020 San Francisco Opera Season. Next month our Treasurer, former president and Man of the Year and current board member Ron Derenzi will be presenting a fuller-than-usual slate of five speakers at the weekly Thursday Luncheons—all listed above. Please make sure to attend as many as you can of these repasts, both cultural and culinary!

Dinner & a Film: For the evening of Nov 2nd we have reserved 35 tickets to the Marin Italian Movie Festival – showing the hilarious Put Grandma in the Freezer.  This movie promises to keep all of us in stiches. See next page for further information.

We will also keep you all informed of the other cultural events in the planning stages—such as evenings at the San Francisco Opera and Symphony, a second tour of our Opera House, visits to wineries and museums in the wine country and (hopefully) a dinner cruise on the Bay!

Trusting that I will see you at Il Cenacolo’s cultural events during this month of October,
I bid you…

Arrivederci, DTG

September 2019

Welcome back Cenacolisti!

I trust that all of you enjoyed our 7-week vacation break as much as I did!  Here we are in September—one of the finest months of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area—the traditional “City Summer” with clear skies and fresh air. Plenty to do and enjoy in our beautiful “City by the Bay.”

Thursday, September 19th is the first of our fall luncheons at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. See the schedule of speakers listed above assembled by our Board Member Eugene Lanzone. Please make every effort to attend and enjoy dining with your fellow Cenacolisti.

Additionally, our Annual Opera Outing is set for Sunday September 22nd at the Marin Art & Garden Center in Ross. Program chairs Chuck Stagliano and Steward Hume and their team of Richard Ruff, Ron and Marie Derenzi have again put together a program and meal that should please all—with opera singers, music, food, guest singing and plenty of wine and refreshments. Don’t miss this important Il Cenacolo function —we are setting for 100 guests, and the deadline is upon us, so register as soon as possible! Send in your snail-mail RSVP or register online here:

Here are some fun upcoming events the Board is planning:
Saturday, November 2, 2019:  DINNER & A FILM” —a meal at Il Fornaio Restaurant in Corte Madera plus the Italian movie “PUT GRANDMA IN THE FREEZER” (“METTI LA NONNA IN FREEZER”) at the Marin Civic Center. Look up this wild comedy at: and don’t miss it!  Chair & Cenacolo Veep David Cobb is acquiring a block of tickets. Watch for the announcements soon;

2. Our annual Holiday Gala will be held on Sunday December 15th at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Our former President and longtime Board Member Chuck Stagliano will be honored as Man of the Year for all that he has accomplished for Il Cenacolo and San Francisco’s Italian-American Community. Make sure to attend this delightful evening event for Chuck;

3. A second Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the San Francisco Opera House (free) as well as special Il Cenacolo museum and winery tours are in the planning stages—stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Arrivederci, DTG            

July 2019

Greetings from the Vice President.

President Giannini is in Italy visiting relatives and has asked me to write his monthly Message to His People. So…

Il Cenacolo nears the end of another most delightful Event Year. This included an especially enjoyable Opera Outing, two Italian Movie Nights with Dinner, partying with the Leonardo folks, a bubbly and well-attended Christmas Gala at the St. Francis Yacht Club celebrating our 90th year (!), a Night at the Opera, a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of same, Symphony Night, and other activities I can’t even remember! The Thursday lunches seem to me to be getting better every year, always with a nice mix of matters Italian, sort-of-Italian, San Franciscan, and completely off-the-wall. I don’t have the numbers, but attendance at the lunches seems to be creeping up, no doubt the result of the quality of the speakers and the continued good food and flow of abundant wine. That said, there is always room at the tables for more. So, switch off the remote, call Uber or Lyft, and join us Thursdays at noon! (Keep in mind that there are no lunches in August and the first two weeks of September.) After the end of July, we will reconvene on Thursday, September 19, same time, same place!

To the satisfaction of most and the amazement of others, our first year as a co-ed organization has been a delight. The conversation at lunch—a mélange of comfortable rumblings among old friends and lively discussions of wide-ranging matters—is spiced by the new mix of members. The tone at lunch is noticeably different and, in my opinion, very pleasant to hear and observe.

Looking ahead to Event Year 2020, we will see all of our traditional Il Cenacolo events, as well as more Opera and Symphony Nights, and the introduction of a few new pleasures including shaded winery lunches at interesting venues out there in the country, and more interaction with other area clubs enjoying our gracious Italian culture. As always your Board of Directors invites any member to participate in the monthly Board meetings, held the second Thursday of every month at the San Francisco Italian American Club at 10 am just before the regular speaker luncheon. Please join us and bring along an idea or two to make Il Cenacolo an even more rewarding part of your life.

David Cobb
Vice President

JUNE 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019
“D-Day Through German Eyes:Experiences of ‘Landsers’ on the Westwall”
Philip Gioia, former Cenacolista

Thursday, June  13, 2019
“Sicily: A Heart’s Journey”
Maria Noyes, Author

Thursday, June 20, 2019
The Roman and British Empires:
the Greatest the World Has Ever Known”
Norman MacCleod, OBE

Thursday, June  27, 2019
Il Cenacolo Annual Membership General Meeting
SFIAC, at regular Thursday luncheon—members only please

This month’s programs arranged by Stewart Hume.

June 2019

Greetings again, Cenacolisti:

Have we had enough rain for the season?! As a San Francisco native I cannot remember such a wet one—seems more like November and December than May!     

By the time you read this, I will be in Washington, DC attending the High School graduation of one of my grandsons. After that, we will be in London for about a week, then on to Tuscany (Lucca’s Riviera) to see the relatives for the rest of June. Our Vice President David A. Cobb will be handling things in my absence—for which he is very qualified and capable!

Our May 2nd Emeritus Luncheon was such a success that the Board of Directors has decided to make this an annual event. Please make sure to attend next year—it is especially appreciated by our senior members and widows of past members.

A special thanks to Alex Rynecki for the entire slate of May Speakers—outstanding presentations all. The June Thursday Luncheon Speakers have been organized by Stewart Hume and  arrangements for our upcoming Il Cenacolo functions are also proceeding well. Please use this bulletin and our website for making plans to attend and participate in our activities. A special note that our May 24th Italian Symphony was a “sold out” success and the tickets for the June 20th Opera Carmen have also been sold out. Look for repeats of these cultural events in the future and, again, attend and enjoy!

Please note that our Treasurer, Ron Derenzi, is sending out our Annual Dues Notice via snail mail and it is also attached at the end of this bulletin. Please make his job easier and send in your dues as soon as you can.

Finally, our Annual Membership Meeting will take place at noon at our regular Thursday luncheon on June 27th at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. (Members only, please.) It is an opportunity to participate in the review of what we are all about—past, present and future—and to help elect the members of the Board of  Directors for the new fiscal year
beginning July 1st.

Stay dry & Arrivederci,


May 2019

Greetings Cenacolisti:

Welcome to the month of May—finally warming up with the month named for Maia in Greek/Roman mythology, representing springtime, warmth, growth and nurturing. This month was, until the Gregorian Calendar, traditionally the last month of spring before the onset of summer heat. Do enjoy the rain-fed green fields soon to turn into California brown!

Again thanks to Ken Sproul for his outstanding presenters—including himself for another account of the 1906 great earthquake and fire. We all look forward to our four Thursday Luncheon speakers to be presented by Alex Rynecki, as described in this bulletin. In addition to that, on May 2nd Alex will be presenting those Cenacolisti who have been members for 40 years or more together with widows of our deceased members who participated for at least 40 years. These members and widows will be hosted by Il Cenacolo. Please make an effort to attend on May 2nd to celebrate them, and to demonstrate our appreciation for their membership.

Please note that our May 24th San Francisco Italian Symphony has been sold out—thanks to Alex Rynecki and Ron Derenzi.

Regarding the Il Cenacolo gathering for “Carmen” at the San Francisco Opera: the date has been changed from the original June 19 to Thursday, June 20. We are in the process of obtaining approximately twenty tickets at a price of $35 each for orchestra seats—a real deal!!  Please contact Bill Dito if you are interested—these seats are sure to go fast.

Our vice-president David Cobb is scheduling the evening of Friday, Nov 8th for our
annual “Italian Dinner & A Film” in San Rafael. This is always an enjoyable occasion for our members and their significant others. Mark your calendars and ask David to put you on his list.

Do enjoy Il Cenacolo during the month of May—bring your relatives and friends to enjoy lunch and an afternoon of Italian culture.



April 2019

Cari Cenacolisti,

A warm welcome to Spring—love it! The drought is over—
hurrah  hurrah! Hope and pray that the sunshine lasts for a few more weeks at least.

Thanks to Ephraim Hirsch  for the March luncheon programs by outstanding speakers. Our April speakers to be presented by Ken Sproul should also keep all of us entertained and learned in Italian-American Culture intertwining with the history of our fair City.

Not to be hounding you all about this, but do make a point of inviting friends and relatives to the Thursday noon luncheons at the SFIAC—the food and wine are great, camaraderie is memorable and the speakers are always informative and rewarding.

Regrettably, we’ve lost a relative of two of our members: Papa Joe Monastiere, Marie Derenzi’s father and Ron Derenzi’s father-in-law. He was 100 years old  + 8 months. I had the honor of meeting Joe several times—he was quite the gentleman. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Derenzis.

Remember that our Annual Meeting will take place during the luncheon at noon, Thursday, June 27th at the SFIAC. (Members only, please.) During this important meeting, we will be electing four new members for our Board of Directors. Article IV, Paragraph 7 of our by-laws requiring a minimum of one year of membership for candidates has been waived for this year. If any of you are, or if you know of anyone who is, interested in serving a two-year term, please let the Board of Directors know. Email is preferred, or a simple telephone call to anyone on the Board will suffice.

Do carefully review the numerous future programs listed below, mark them in your calendars, invite your friends, and attend to make the best of what Il Cenacolo offers to all of you!

Ci vediamo ad Aprile, Davidé

March 2019

Thursday, March 7, 2019

“The Roman City of Aphrodisias:
the Marble Sculpture from the Council House”

Chris Hallett

Thursday, March  14, 2019

“Admiral Nimitz and His Bay Area Connections”
Rear Admiral John W. Bitoff, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Thursday, March  21, 2019
Running Political Campaigns in San Francisco: A Contact Sport”

Maggie Muir

Thursday, March  28, 2019

“An Egyptian Tomb, an Etruscan Inscription
and the Funerary Monument of an American Civil War Officer”

Lisa C. Pieraccini

This month’s programs arranged by Ephraim Hirsch.

March 2019

Dear Cenacolisti,

Hope you were all warm and well during February—seems especially cold and wet for this time of the year. March should be better, with a promise of Spring, if it ever gets here!

Our thanks to John Benson for wonderful luncheon programs by interesting speakers. Our March luncheon speakers to be presented by Ephraim Hirsch and listed at the top of this bulletin should also keep all of us culturally up to date.

Sadly I report that we have lost two more of our members since our last bulletin: George Lippi and Ross Hoffman (as noted later in this bulletin under In Memoriam). They were great friends and will be remembered as our loving companions in Italian Culture.


1. The March 13th Italian, Irish & Israeli Club Luncheon at the SFIAC.
Ron Fenolio is putting a Cenacolo Table together—contact him if interested;   

2. The April 5th Leonardo da Vinci Club Gala honoring the 500th anniversary of the
demise of Leonardo—our vice president
David Cobb is putting a Cenacolo table
together—contact him if interested (see announcement page at end of bulletin);

3. May 24th San Francisco Italian Symphony. We have just over 20 tickets left @$25/seat.
Ron Derenzi or Alex Rynecki to purchase at this very reasonable price (see
announcement page at end of bulletin)

4. A June 2019 San Francisco Opera production of Carmen. Bill Dito will be reserving
tickets (details TBA)—call him if interested;

5. Our June 27th Annual Membership General Meeting will be held at the SFIAC—
members only please;

6. Our Sep 22nd Opera Outing will again be held at the Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross. Chuck Stagliano and Stewart Hume are putting this together—should be another enjoyable time;

7. A Sep 2019 Italian Movie by the Leonardo Da Vinci Club is being organized by David Cobb—more details to follow;

8. An October 2019 Italian Dinner & a Film (Italian Film Festival in San Rafael) is also being set up by David Cobb;

9. Our December 15th Holiday Gala will again be held at the St. Francis Yacht Club—
always a popular hit;

10. A Guided Tour of the San Francisco Opera House is being set up by Chuck Stagliano
details to follow.

As you can see, we have serveral interesting and exciting events planned for 2019, (a plethora, in fact!) as well as our usual weekly luncheons, which your Board of Directors strives to make inspiring and enjoyable.  Bring your guests— they won’t be disappointed!


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