Cari Cenacolisti:

Well, here we are approaching another Holiday Season and the end of a busy year.

Our special thanks to our Board Member Dr. Don Zingale who presented three informative speakers—including himself—all from the teaching faculty at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Don Taylor kept all of us wishing we could lead such an active life in boats, both repairing and sailing all over the world, starting at our own San Francisco Bay. We all wondered how he could allocate so much of his time to these nautical endeavors, in addition to climbing steep mountains and, of course, leading and teaching at the University level. But he did it and kept all of us spellbound with his presentation and photographs.

Dr. Don Zingale, also, in addition to his active 40-year teaching and administrative career at different New York and California State Universities—including a stint as Vice President at the California State Maritime Academy and finishing up at San Francisco State—described his retirement of cruising to more than 40 countries with more than 200 nights aboard six ships during the last five years! [Ladies and gentlemen, what have we all done (or hope to do) during our retirement years?]

Finally, Dr. Olivia Albiero, originally from Vicenza Italy, brought us on the journey of her career as a student of languages at the universities of Padua and Washington State—leading to her 2016 move to San Francisco State as Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Italian and German Languages. She riveted our attention with the descriptions about her courses about post-WWII Italian and German culture and, among other subjects, (most importantly) about the importance of food in Italian culture!

Indeed, through these speakers, Dr. Zingale has raised our cultural intelligence factor a notch—which is what Il Cenacolo is all about! What a treasure we have on our Cenacolo Board of Directors!

For this next month of December, we meet only twice for luncheons. First, program chair Pete Sherwood will speak about his favorite fictional detective, Salvo Montalbano, and two weeks later, we will be entertained again by the Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers! Make sure to bring your significant others to join us for this holiday celebration.

For those of you who did not attend last month’s “Dinner + a Film” at the Marin Italian Film Festival, you missed a good one!  For next year, participant feedback has suggested we shift the dinner to follow the film, thus allowing all the time necessary to enjoy the feast, linger and muse into the evening!

Finally, for the remainder of 2019, please make sure to reserve your attendance at our Annual Christmas Gala on December 15th at the St. Francis Yacht Club—see information on the following page You can also register by clicking here: Join us in honoring Chuck Stagliano who has done so much for Il Cenacolo and well deserves our appreciation. Gala Committee members, Ron Derenzi, Marie Derenzi and Eugene Lanzone are setting up another wonderful gastronomical experience!

The list of our 2020 activities—now in the planning stages—promises to be full and active with special group tickets to performances at the San Francisco Opera and Symphony, a tour of the Opera House, possible outings to a winery and museum, our traditional Sal Reina Opera Outing in September, Il Cenacolo at the Marin Italian Film Festival, and full circle, back to the December Christmas Gala. All these in addition to our lively Thursday Luncheons. Do take full advantage of your membership and participate. You will feel enriched!

Wishing you all a Buon Natale,

I remain, sincerely yours, DTG