Greetings from New Zealand where I am writing this month’s Blog. It is really beautiful down here—very lush and green. Weather somewhat like San Francisco. We will be visiting for the next three week, followed by a couple of days in Australia thereafter.

A special thanks to our January Chairman Pietro Bonanno for his speakers—all very interesting and informative. Listed above are the February speakers offered by our Vice-President David Cobb—please be sure to attend.

A small bit of business: Please note that the SFIAC has asked that henceforth—starting Jan 30th—we address our checks for our weekly Thursday Luncheons to: “The North Beach Events Center.” The reason given for the request: “tax law requirements.”

Reminding you that we still have some May 8th San Francisco Symphony Tickets left (a bargain at only $40!) for James Gaffigan conducting a program of Jessie Montgomery’s Starburst, (first SFS Performance), with Nicola Benedetti on violin; Wynton Marsalis’s Violin Concerto (also first SFS Performance); and Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9, From the New World. Please see Ron Derenzi at the Thursday Luncheons or call him at 650-303-9508 for tickets.

You might find the latest Leonardo da Vinci Society newsletter of interest, with many special events, including those for Homage to Federico Fellini events. Our Board Member Catherine Accardi is offering a complimentary all-day pass to Cinema Italia’s Fellini 100th Birthday March 7th celebration at the Castro Theater here in San Francisco. Call Catherine at (415) 830-7620.

Finally, Board Member Don Zingale is setting up a Sunday April 26th Wine tasting and lunch outing at the Martin Rey Vineyards and Winery. This event will be limited to 24 Cenacolisti and their significant others and friends, so put your orders in early. Cost will be $100. (See flyer with full information following.)

On the next page see all the exciting events that the Board is planning for Cenacolisti this year! We are covering all the bases! Join us!

Wishing all of you well, I remain,
VTY, DTG, President.