July 2019

Greetings from the Vice President.

President Giannini is in Italy visiting relatives and has asked me to write his monthly Message to His People. So…

Il Cenacolo nears the end of another most delightful Event Year. This included an especially enjoyable Opera Outing, two Italian Movie Nights with Dinner, partying with the Leonardo folks, a bubbly and well-attended Christmas Gala at the St. Francis Yacht Club celebrating our 90th year (!), a Night at the Opera, a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of same, Symphony Night, and other activities I can’t even remember! The Thursday lunches seem to me to be getting better every year, always with a nice mix of matters Italian, sort-of-Italian, San Franciscan, and completely off-the-wall. I don’t have the numbers, but attendance at the lunches seems to be creeping up, no doubt the result of the quality of the speakers and the continued good food and flow of abundant wine. That said, there is always room at the tables for more. So, switch off the remote, call Uber or Lyft, and join us Thursdays at noon! (Keep in mind that there are no lunches in August and the first two weeks of September.) After the end of July, we will reconvene on Thursday, September 19, same time, same place!

To the satisfaction of most and the amazement of others, our first year as a co-ed organization has been a delight. The conversation at lunch—a mélange of comfortable rumblings among old friends and lively discussions of wide-ranging matters—is spiced by the new mix of members. The tone at lunch is noticeably different and, in my opinion, very pleasant to hear and observe.

Looking ahead to Event Year 2020, we will see all of our traditional Il Cenacolo events, as well as more Opera and Symphony Nights, and the introduction of a few new pleasures including shaded winery lunches at interesting venues out there in the country, and more interaction with other area clubs enjoying our gracious Italian culture. As always your Board of Directors invites any member to participate in the monthly Board meetings, held the second Thursday of every month at the San Francisco Italian American Club at 10 am just before the regular speaker luncheon. Please join us and bring along an idea or two to make Il Cenacolo an even more rewarding part of your life.

David Cobb
Vice President