June 2018 from the Desk of the President

​Dear Cenacolisti,

Welcome to Spring!  And welcome to another bulletin that will provide you with information on what’s happening at your Club. Please read on for news about our members and for information on upcoming events.


The Board is in process of reviewing and revising several aspects of our membership plan. You will hear more about some innovative changes as the plan is rolled-out. For now, membership is improving. Year-to-date we have added 15  new members—including the first women in our Club’s 90-year history. Your effort to identify and recruit new members is paying-off!


Thanks to Ron Derenzi for organizing the May programs (and there were 5 of them!). These presentations (with their emphasis on Italy) were enjoyed by all. This bulletin highlights our June programs. Please support your Club by attending as many of these as possible. 

Regarding programs—This is a repeat request for each of you to provide our program chairman, Alex Kugushev, with your ideas and suggestions for speakers—his e-mail is alexkugushev@att.net. We will follow-up and confirm arrangements, but your involvement in supplying contact information would be most welcomed. Thanks!

Make sure to check the calendar following, and add our dates to your own calendar!

June 28 is important—the date of our annual meeting. In mid-May, you received the annual meeting agenda and formal notice. As indicated, we plan to (1) update everyone on our club—including our financial position, (2) provide a slate of four new proposed directors for your vote,  (3) vote on revisions to our by-laws and (4) conduct any other business that is applicable to Il Cenacolo. If you have specific matters that you would like to have covered, please contact me. Please note that this meeting is for members only. Your attendance is really important and I hope that you come.


As mentioned above, the Board is in process of implementing several initiatives affecting membership. We hope that the end-result of this will be an increase in membership and an exciting plan to keep our organization vital and growing. 

These initiatives will need your help. Specifically, we are looking for members who would be willing to pitch in and assist. You are needed in the following areas (approximate time
commitment shown):

1) Membership Chair: to direct our entire effort, taking over from Ron Derenzi who has done a great job, but is now handling all of our finance/treasury functions (2-4 hrs/wk).

2) Assistant Membership Chair: to assist the Chair in performing membership tasks (20 hrs).

3) Leader and team to prepare promotional materials: (about 30 hrs).

4) Leader and team to develop and execute a media plan: (about 25 hrs).

5) Liaison to other Bay Area Italian clubs for possible collaboration (about 25 hrs).

Our Club must continuously work on recruiting new members or face the reality of its eventual demise. I know we have a lot of talented people in our group and now is the time for you to step forward to demonstrate your skills and your willingness to become involved. Please let me know by June 15 (fcristiani@sbcglobal.net) of your interest to become involved—many thanks.


Our regular luncheon scheduled for June 7 IS CANCELLED for the following reason: The mayor of Genoa is visiting San Francisco. It was thought that it would be great if he attended our luncheon on June 7 and addressed us. So we planned accordingly. However, it turned out that he is returning to Italy on June 7. Then, the Italian Consulate and the SFIAC organized a dinner—to which all of the Bay Area Italian organizations are invited—for the evening of June 6. Il Cenacolo will be acknowledged as a co-host. We concluded that the large event on the preceding evening would be the major draw for the week.

If you are interested in joining them, please contact the SFIAC directly. You should already have received the announcement for this event in an email last week, and it is reproduced here on the following page.

With best regards,
Franz Cristiani, President