June 2019

Greetings again, Cenacolisti:

Have we had enough rain for the season?! As a San Francisco native I cannot remember such a wet one—seems more like November and December than May!     

By the time you read this, I will be in Washington, DC attending the High School graduation of one of my grandsons. After that, we will be in London for about a week, then on to Tuscany (Lucca’s Riviera) to see the relatives for the rest of June. Our Vice President David A. Cobb will be handling things in my absence—for which he is very qualified and capable!

Our May 2nd Emeritus Luncheon was such a success that the Board of Directors has decided to make this an annual event. Please make sure to attend next year—it is especially appreciated by our senior members and widows of past members.

A special thanks to Alex Rynecki for the entire slate of May Speakers—outstanding presentations all. The June Thursday Luncheon Speakers have been organized by Stewart Hume and  arrangements for our upcoming Il Cenacolo functions are also proceeding well. Please use this bulletin and our website www.ilcenacolosf.org for making plans to attend and participate in our activities. A special note that our May 24th Italian Symphony was a “sold out” success and the tickets for the June 20th Opera Carmen have also been sold out. Look for repeats of these cultural events in the future and, again, attend and enjoy!

Please note that our Treasurer, Ron Derenzi, is sending out our Annual Dues Notice via snail mail and it is also attached at the end of this bulletin. Please make his job easier and send in your dues as soon as you can.

Finally, our Annual Membership Meeting will take place at noon at our regular Thursday luncheon on June 27th at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. (Members only, please.) It is an opportunity to participate in the review of what we are all about—past, present and future—and to help elect the members of the Board of  Directors for the new fiscal year
beginning July 1st.

Stay dry & Arrivederci,