Kenneth Sproul

Ken is a San Franciscan circa 1939. Single mother, then interesting step-father. Lick Wilmerding High School and Stanford, English and History. Enlisted in U.S. Army 1961-64, learned and met those from the real world, impressed by their innate intelligence. Went on to being a classic traveling salesman for 3 years out of Chicago, 1965/68, covering the upper Midwest. Met and appreciated mid-America people and culture.

The San Francisco bay area office/industrial real estate 1969/2012; also nationally and internationally. Saw and participated in the city’s growth, but sat on preservation groups and tried to keep the city from consuming its past. Associated with many firms, stared his own firm, the Rubicon Group 1984, sold and moved on. Involved in major industrial/office conversions like Hills Plaza. Dislikes what the city has recently become, a new and shallow shadow of itself.

Distrusts Academia, loves history, primarily focused on San Francisco and the U.S., and has read of and visited many places, especially in Central and Southeast Asia where history was made and is now a memory, if remembered at all. Well traveled, but only if off the beaten bath and without hordes taking ‘selfies’ .

Married, children, 2 sons, not ‘accomplished’ but decent human beings. New wife, Karin, one of a kind, most creative person he knows, should have been ‘discovered’.  Same house  since 1971, planted over 50 redwoods, some now 100 feet tall, watches them grow. Has a mini orchard and squirrel traps in a man against nature battle.

Does not enjoy opinions based on shallow readings of bogus or ‘interpreted’ history and ‘reality’.  Feels a charitable obligation, Salvation Army is #1. Believes in the inherent good of the individual and dislikes the corruption that has fostered lack of belief or even knowledge of something other than today’s cause’. Technology has turned into a Faustian Bargain. Believes today’s challenges, in the text of history, are surmountable compared to some that have gone on before.