MARCH 2020

Dear Cenacolisti:

Just returned from New Zealand and Australia—beautiful and vibrant lands “down under” where the people love Americans, especially those from San Francisco! Great three-week trip but good to be home.

Many thanks to our Vice-President David Cobb for standing in for me during my absence last month and also chairing the February Thursday programs with outstanding speakers. The speakers for this month, prepared by our Board Member Ephraim Hirsch, also promise to be fascinating. Come on down!

I can’t let this year’s Leap Day go by without comment…so here is a quadrennial fun fact: A person born on February 29th is called a “Leapling,” and the odds of having this birthday are 1 in 1,461! Think about that!

Now, to the news and updates about the exciting upcoming happenings at Il Cenacolo.

Sunday April 26th: Grapes & Grub (& Bocce Ball)! See following flyer.

Friday May 8th : SF Symphony Night – 8:00 pm. James Gaffigan leads Marsalis and Dvorak’s New World. We have tickets left. See our Treasurer Ron Derenzi who is usually attending the Thursday Luncheons or call him at (650) 303-9508.

Friday June 19th: SF Opera Night – 7:30 pm. Ernani. Celebrated Opera Performance, we have 14 tickets left at $65 each. Must reserve your tickets by April 30—don’t miss this date.

Thursday June 25th: Il Cenacolo Annual Meeting (members only please) at the regular Thursday luncheon, 12 Noon, at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. We will be receiving updates on governance and finances of our Cultural Club, electing a new Board of Directors and appointing new officers for the two years running July 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2022. Do plan on attending and taking part in the running of our club.

Incidentally, if any Cenacolista who has been a member in good standing for one year is interested in serving on our Board of Directors, now is the time to tell us—nothing formal, just call (415) 331-5600 or email me at You can also so inform any other member of the Cenacolo Board.

Sunday September 13: Annual Sal Reina Opera Outing, Marin Art & Garden Center, 12 Noon. This has always been a winner—don’t miss it! Mark your calendars now!

December 4th: Holiday Gala at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

In the works: Annual Marin Italian Film Festival and SF Opera House Tour.

A little reminder to make out your Thursday Luncheon checks to: “The North Beach Events Center”—for those of you who have not been attending since January—like me!

As always, looking forward to seeing you all.
A presto, DTG