Salve a tutti!

October, and here we all are, blogging and zooming to stay connected as best we can. Bunny and I are still sequestered seriously with no end in sight. Lots of time on the phone, books, zooming and great Italian mystery TV. (Try the MHZ European mystery and drama channel if you have not visited it already.) Add dominoes to that and we hope to remain sane for a while longer. Many of us miss the Thursday speaker luncheons of course, but the Zoom replacements necessary for the duration are enjoyable and very well attended, participation having increased significantly thanks to log-ins from remote members and the ease of joining for spouses and guests. If you have not yet tried these virtual meetings, please log in next Thursday at noon using the address in the emails sent out regularly by Susi. All you do is click on the blue address link in the email and follow the simple instructions on the screen. You do not need a Zoom account to attend these events. It may seem a little awkward the first time around, but it gets easy fast.

Ron Fenolio’s speakers in September included a fine presentation on the San Francisco Opera Merola program that helps support rising new operatic talent, and a fascinating history of Ron’s Jacuzzi family in California, from water pump technology in the Central Valley to the spectacular Jacuzzi winery in Sonoma. This month we go to Europe (ancient cave art in France, the rich culture of Siena, the magnificent design of Italian cars), and back again to the here-and-now world of tax-wise charitable giving. We often have an OPEN SESSION on the fifth Thursday of any given month, and October is such a one.

Also in this month’s bulletin, Professor Jim Boitano’s La Cultura Italiana essay features a revolutionary in the Venetian art scene of the 15-16th centuries: Giovanni Bellini. “His sumptuous coloring and fluent, atmospheric landscapes transformed Venetian painting, and especially influenced his pupils Giorgione and Titian.”

Over in La Cucina, Marc Pasquini shares with us his mother’s famous biscotti. We have also added an invitation: “A Tavola!” “Come to the table!” (One day soon it will not be virtual!) Until then…

For the upcoming months we will be offering an interesting series of virtual events to keep things lively and happily Italian for all of us. Stay tuned!

A presto,

David Cobb