September 2018


Welcome back after an extended vacation during August and the first half of September. Hope you all enjoyed the summer months, are well rested and ready to continue with our mission of promoting and preserving Italian Culture!

This is the second time I have served as President of Il Cenacolo. The first time, between 1986-88, was a different world. “WWW” was not yet a household word. So much has changed since then and I feel fortunate to stand on the shoulders of all the Past Presidents and Boards of Il Cenacolo who have done extraordinary work to keep Il Cenacolo current and relevant. I especially wish to thank our Immediate Past President Franz Cristiani and his Board of Directors for their service during the past two years, during which they accomplished so very much for our Cultural Club. Your new Board and Officers will strive to continue with the aims and directions they have set in motion.

90th Anniversary of Il Cenacolo

This year, 2018, is our 90th anniversary year and what better way to celebrate our cultur- al experience than with the start of San Francisco’s 96th Operatic season with their free performance held on Sunday, September 9th at Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Hope many of you were able to attend and enjoy this spectacular event. Our members will have a further chance to enjoy opera with the offering of a specially-priced performance of Puccini’s Tosca on Oct 30th (see details below.) Stay tuned for further events!

The success and life of our Cultural Club will only continue because of your individual participation in both the Thursday Luncheons and Special Events. The members of your board of Directors encourage you to attend and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

The 64th Annual Sal Reina Opera Outing

Chuck Stagliano and his crew have put many hours into this year’s Opera Outing and we can assure you that attending the event will be as rewarding as it was last year. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so no later than September 17th. The details are on our new and improved website or you can call Ron Derenzi at (650) 737-9484.

Specially Priced Tosca

Tickets for the Oct 30th opera performance of Puccini’s Tosca have been reserved by bill Dito for orchestra seats at the special price of $36 each! This will be a special opportunity for you to experience the best of Italian Romantic culture up close. Get your order in no later than October 1st by calling bill at (415) 563-3365 or emailing him at Include your mailing address and how many tickets you would like, and he will mail them to you with an envelope for payment.


On a final note, we encourage each of our members to again read Il Cenacolo’s July 2018 bulletin posted on our website (available online here) where Franz Cristiani so aptly discusses much of the important information about the running of our club. You should also check out the rest of our new and improved website: to fully appreciate just what our organization provides for you and your enjoyment.

Thursday Luncheon Speakers

The weekly Thursday Luncheon programs presented by Marv Pheffer during July were outstanding, to say the least. With September we will have only two Thursday Luncheons, prepared and presented by Immediate Past President Franz Cristiani. The first is this coming Thursday, September 20, as usual at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. I will see you there!

Italian culture has endured throughout the ages. I am looking forward to working with you all to preserve the rich traditional history of Il Cenacolo, and bring it forward with us into the future.

I remain, VTY, DTG